The year 2002 was the International Year of Mountains. As this year drew to a close, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly proclaimed December 11 to be International Mountain Day. This observance, which is celebrated annually, aims to draw attention to the important roles that mountainous regions play in water and food supply.

We started the celebration in Sri Lanka 2010, our main aim is to educate the people of the mountains to preserve the mountainous regions for a sustainable Sri Lanka.

Each year we organize the event in Haputale and after the initial event we climb the Haputale mountain. At the top of the mountain the hikers will have the opportunity to visit the “Prabhawa mountain day view point” and enjoy the breath taking views from the top with a warm cup of tea and ingenious food prepared by the members of Prabhawa.


For the first time in Sri Lanka we climbed the Haputale Mountain on 10th December 2010 to Celebrate the International Mountain Day which falls on 11th December every year.


The 2nd edition of International Mountain Day at Haputale, more than 150 participated for the event.


The third edition of IMD celebrations in Haputale mountain Sri Lanka with over 150 participants.


In 2013 we were able to make the International Mountain Day celebration at the top of Haputale Mountain for the fourth consecutive year with the participation of scouts, school children, environmentalists.


The 5th edition in 2014, with more than 100 participants.


The 6th edition of International Mountain Day celebration. More than 200 was there at the event including undergraduates from Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka and foreign tourists.


For the 7th consecutive year in 2016 with more than 200 participants we climbed the Haputale mountain to celebrate International Mountain Day.


For the 8th consecutive year in 2017 with more than 250 participants we climbed the Haputale mountain to celebrate International Mountain Day.


it’s the 9th year. Haputale Trade and Tourism Development Association members also joined with us for the first time to climb the Haputale mountain.